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People aren't very good at repetitive tasks, especially at scale. Our custom AI models are great at it.

Automated coupon & deal content

Smart shopping sites need to create thousands of pieces of content that's data-driven and time-sensitive, making it an ideal use case.
Our customers have increased both the quality and quantity of their content while cutting their costs by 90% — it's a win-win-win.
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Want to increase your coupon site profits? Reduce your content production costs and improve coupon content quality with Flowshot. But be quick, your competition might already be ahead of you!

Aggregators & price comparison

Similar to coupon sites, aggregators such as price comparison sites are great candidates for NLP/NLG automation. 
Our models can classify and categorize any unstructured (or scraped) data, turning it into on-brand copy at scale.
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Product copy in your brand voice

Automate product information such as titles, descriptions, SEO metas with Flowshot. Each custom AI model is trained on your brand's historic data, including your brand voice. 
Connect our API to any trigger within your database to structure your data and generate high-quality copy on demand.
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While it's possible to create your own AI content flow, Flowshot are the experts at content automation for e-commerce. They do this day in, day out — probably for your competitors too! So save yourself the hassle and headaches and book a free consultation.
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Data-driven NLP/NLG on autopilot

Connect Flowshot API to your database, CMS, or wherever your data is stored. Set up the triggers — we'll do the rest.
    "data": [{
        "ID": "12345678",
        "Brand": "Flowshot",
        "Raw Data": "Data goes here"
    "targets": [
    "results": [{
        "Coupon": "Free Consultation: Save 60-80% On Your Content Production Costs",
        "Tags": [
            "Editors Pick"
        "Description": "Increase your profits, reduce content production costs and improve coupon content quality with Flowshot." 
    "status": "ok"
Flowshot is designed for scale, to the tune of trillions of generations by our AI models every month.

Case study: Coupons

A couponing network approached us with declining traffic after being hit by Google updates in 2022.

Before — $60K

Outsourced writers from content agencies.

Slow, expensive and unscalable
Lots of duplicate content
Human error and typos

Flowshot — $6K

Now generating high-quality content for 5x coupon sites on autopilot — cheaper and faster, with far better results.

90% more cost effective
3x increase in content volume
94% increase in SEO traffic
Higher quality, unique content
2% increase in conversions
Operates on full autopilot
The result: total traffic has doubled in six months and continues to improve every month on autopilot.

Concept to production in two weeks

Want results fast? We'll get your custom AI model ready to use in production within a couple of weeks.

Create baseline AI model

Estimate: 1-2 weeks
Version 1 uses your existing data to set a baseline at the current level of quality.

Quality improvements

Estimate: 2-4 weeks
Version 2 cleans up the errors and inconsistencies within your data and content.

Real-world feedback

Estimate: 4 weeks
Version 3 starts learning from the first 1-2 months of generations by your custom model. 

Programmatic updates

Estimate: monthly
At this point, we'll begin implementing quality improvements across the board, at scale.


Flowshot is ideal for any task that's data-driven, high-volume and historically labor-intensive.

Our most popular use cases are classification models and text generation for e-commerce, coupon and deal sites. If you have another use case in mind — let's talk!

This is common misconception — Google penalizes low-quality content, regardless of how it's created. It just so happens that a lot of low-quality content is created by AI tools.

The first version of your AI model matches your writing team's standards based on historical data, followed by monthly quality improvements. Our customers actually saw an improvement of 20-25% in SEO traffic after Google's mid/late 2022 updates. 

Absolutely. Each AI model is custom-built and we don't share data among our customers. It's scientifically impossible for your content to be a duplicate of any of our other customers. 

However, if you have more than one website, you can "regenerate" any number of times to create multiple versions. This means you can publish across multiple sites such as white-labels, keeping your users (and Google) happy at the same time.

The same method of regenerating content can also be used for A/B testing.

Send each product's data to Flowshot API, and you'll receive AI-generated content back — it's that simple. We've made the API documentation as easy as possible, but we're also happy to work with your developers or take over implementation altogether, free of charge.

So, how do we start?

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